Blue Baby, Blue

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I felt a little blue this week, so I decided to head over to one of my favorite sims, Kaleidoscope. I found a gorgeous beach view and several small homes to relax in. I highly recommend everyone visiting Kaleidoscope for their photo shoots or just to soak in its beauty. ♥

The Blue, Baby Blue look:

Dress – Aqua Kaila Dress by Candy Doll @Collabor88 (past)

Shoes – Reverie Wraps (Pewter) by (Fifty Linden Friday Exclusive) *modified by me to get a more blueish look

Leg Chain – Blue Stone Chain by TABOU @ Whore Couture 5 Fair (gift)

Hair – Snow Spell I by Little Bones

Tattoo – WitchCraft Tattoo by Accessorize (group gift)

Choker- Love Myself Choker by TODA *LM unavailable

Bracelet – Gold Chain Bracelet by IAF

Lipstick – Lustful Pinks 4 lips by 7 Deadly S{K}ins @ Whore Couture 5 Fair (gift)

Eyebrows – Sloane Dark Brows by Soiree

Eyelashes – Long Eyelashes by Chemistry

SIM – Kaleidoscope


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