Metal Baby Girl



You honestly do not know how much I loooovee these [VALE KOER] leggings! I had to blog them again. 🙂 I have been feeling very sweetheart-ish the past couple of days, but it feels good to be wearing black again! ♥

Have you noticed the new decor? I redecorated my apartment with Hugo this Sunday. The wooden wall decor you see above the fireplace is the Woodland Dreams Set by [MELONopolis]. The set is a past hunt item, however it is available for free on marketplace!

Now, onto my Metal Baby Girl look:

Top – White Baby Girl Crop Tank by Perch @ The 100 Block

Pants – Essential Leggings by [VALE KOER]Kustom9

Shoes – OBEY Destroy Platform Boots by Goth1c0The 100 Block

Collar – Gold Love Pink Collar (RLV Scripted) by Kaithleen’s (past Love Pink! hunt item)

Hair – Purr by Little Bones

Bracelet – Gold Chain Bracelet by IAF

Septum Piercing – Septum Mandala by RAW HOUSE *LM unavailable (group gift)

Lipstick – Lustful Pinks 4 lips by 7 Deadly S{K}ins @ Whore Couture 5 Fair (gift)

Eyebrows – Sloane Dark Brows by Soiree

Eyelashes – Long Eyelashes by Chemistry

SIM – My Apartment 🙂


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