Morning essentials.


Tank top, check. Leggings, check. Odd and cute purse check. Flip flops, you bet. Don’t forget your chic hat. And of!

Morning essentials:

Top – Sidney Scrunched Tank by PR Clothing

Pants – Essential Leggings by [VALE KOER] @ Kustom9 -past-

Shoes – Destiny Essential Flops by PR Clothing

Hair – Lo by Little Bones @ Uber -past-

Hat – Chic Floppy Hat by L&R Studios

Purse – Eye Blag (black) by -Pixicat-

Necklace – Gold Doll Necklace by Suicide Dollz (group gift)

Collar – Spike Choke Collar by Lazy Bones (The Chapter 4 gift)

Armchain – Oakley Copper Armchain by Blueberry @ The Epiphany

Bracelet – Gold Chain Bracelet by IAF

Prop #1 – Coffee Cup by Cosmic Dust (The Chapter 4 gift)

Sim – Eila


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