I’m in complete love with the Tasia Mann skin by Remy&Rowe at Cosmopolitan! I’m not even wearing makeup in this blog post (just a bit of eyeliner), that’s it! Beautiful and effortless. You can also grab this adorable oversized hoodie by Ec.cloth at Cosmopolitan as well for a comfy look.

I’d like to thank all of my blog followers and sponsors for sticking with me so far! This is my 100th blog post, so I dedicate this to all of you! Your support and sweetness truly keeps me working harder to better the quality of my work and explore new ideas. I can’t say thank you enough! ♥ I can certainly say, Heavy Metal Heartbeats would not be successful if I haven’t had all of you with me!

Much love and happy shopping,

Alysee Rose

Hoodie – Oversleeve Hood by Ec.cloth @ Cosmopolitan new

Shoes – Yaline High Boots by VIPE new

Skin – Tasia Mann (Chocolate) by Remy & Rowe @ Cosmopolitan new

Hair – F1124 by Tram

Phone – White Marble phone by #Foxy @ The Chapter Four new

Pose #1 – Pose #6 (Warm Me Up pack) by MILA Poses -past-

Pose #2 – Selfie Pose #1 by LUXE


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