Today’s look was inspired by the Good Hair Day gatcha by Foxy! It took me some time finding the right backdrop and decor to put everything together. I was aiming for a girly, yet edgy look. My floral corset can be found at this month’s round of Cosmopolitan and my sleek boots by Breathe can be found at The Chapter Four. Read on to see what else I’m wearing!

Corset – Mona Corset by Elegance Boutique @ Cosmopolitan new

Shoes – Lisbeth by [BREATHE] @ The Chapter Four new

Fur Stole – Queen Stole by Pseudo

Hair – Elle by Taketomi

Phone – Marble Phone by #Foxy

Decor – Good Hair Day gatcha by #Foxy @ Gatcha Guardians new

Chair – Art Deco chair by CrowChaos

Pose # 1 – Selfie Pose by LUXE

Pose #2  – Gift poses by Overlow

Backdrop – King Bathroom by RAMA -RARE- (past)


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