Out There.


One of my favorite monthly fashion events is Kustom9. Today’s look features an upcoming item available at the event, a comfy and edgy sweater by Overhigh! I rocked a bold lip by Livia (available at Applique soon) and popped some more color with a rosy cat headband by Beusy. Read on to see where you can get everything I’m wearing!

Sweater – Cassie Sweater by Overhigh @ Kustom9 new

Shoes – Elisie Heels by [BREATHE] @ Collabor88 new

Hair – Crush Double Bun by Beusy (past event gift)

Headband – Pousi Cat Ears by Beusy

Lips – Jocelyn Lipstick by Livia @ Applique new

Eyeshadow – Glitter Bomb Liner by WarpaintApplique new

Eyelashes – Dainty Flutter by D.Design @ Applique new

Tattoo – Hallelujah Tattoo by THIS IS WRONG @ Applique new

Choker – Melisandre Choker by #Foxy

Backdrop – TF Showroom by RAMA @ The Gatcha Guardians new


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