All’s Fair.


Lot’s of new events popping around the grid this week! This look was super fun to style, and the choker by Ec.Cloth adds a bit of innocent to this grunge look. Check out the details for more info.

Jacket – Brooklyn Set by Overhigh @ Limit8 new

Pants – Net & Lace Up Jeans by FraisAppliqué new

Shoes – Chyna Lace-up Platforms by Livalle

Hair – Antissa by #Foxy @ Bloom new

Eyeliner – Glitz Liner by WarpaintAppliqué new

Brows – Softy Eyebrows by MILA Poses new

Lips – Navzar Lab Set 5 by Navzar (no store LM found) @ Appliqué new

Choker – “Road to C..’ velvet choker by Ec.cloth @ The Epiphany new

Earrings – “Road to C..’ Third Eye Hoop Earrings by Ec.cloth @ The Epiphany new

Poses – Gift poses by Overlow

Backdrop – Stair Photoshoot Decor by MONS @ The Season Story new


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